The Shop Discusses Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist For Vehicle Owners in Hawaii

    Wed, Jul 24, 2013
    The Shop Discusses Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist For Vehicle Owners in Hawaii
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    As all car owners know, inspection day is an important date to take note of. In Hawaii all motor vehicles must be inspected annually at an approved auto repair facility in order to be certified for the year. 

    According to The Shop, an auto repair shop in Hawaii, there are certain strict requirements that need to be met in a safety inspection in order for a car owner to operate their vehicle legally:

    • Documents: Each vehicle owner must have the appropriate documents of authenticity, ownership, and insurance in order to pass inspection.
    • Body: The body of the motor vehicle must be up to par, which means the windshield, windows, mirrors, air bags, fenders, and bumpers are all in good condition.
    • Moving Parts: The most important part of the inspection consists of the car’s essential operating parts.

    The inspector will specifically look at the major components of the vehicle to ensure they are functioning well, such as:

    • Tires and Wheels
    • Brakes and Exhaust System
    • Steering Wheel
    • Suspension System
    • Fuel System
    • Speedometer and Odometer
    • Horn

    Assuming the owner’s vehicle passes all points of inspection, they are awarded with an official sticker to place on the vehicle that states that the car passed the safety inspection for that year.

    Car owners with an impending inspection date can receive a full motor vehicle safety inspection from the expert inspectors of The Shop. If the car does not pass inspection, The Shop’s team of auto technicians will happily assist with any necessary repairs to help get clients back on the road once more. To schedule a safety inspection with The Shop, call (808) 843-7467.

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